We take high-ticket coaches and course creators from 6 to 7 figures and beyond by building an automated marketing system proven to convert.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Great communication and results. If you are experiencing growth stalls and can't figure out why, I highly recommend Dave and his team. They will figure it out.

Erik Ojakaar

Senior Manager, Ebay

Dave is an expert in his field. He brings with him a powerful toolkit that surfaced findings that allowed us to clearly identify bottlenecks in our growth. With his guidance, we doubled conversions within 2 weeks.

Otavio Dalarossa

Founder, Nvestly

"Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions."

If you're experiencing a sales plateau or downturn, it's because you have a conversion stopper preventing you from growing. We've helped hundreds of companies remove those blocks so that they can get to the next level by being able to scale properly, max their ROAS, and crush their competition.

When you complete our free diagnostic test, you'll learn:

  • The ONLY 5 conversion stoppers there are including the primary one for your business.
  • How to quickly fix these conversion stoppers to get 2X, 4X, and even up to 16X growth.
  • How to make cold traffic convert so that you can always have a supply of highly targeted leads.
  •  How to optimize your sales funnels to increase margins and buyer frequency so that you can scale past your competition.

Dave Arena, Founder & CEO

So why would you work with us?

Our experience in getting actual results for our clients. See below...

My agency is all about helping you scale your business. For every $1 you put into a marketing campaign, we want to get you out $6, $8, $16, or more.

We do that by removing conversion stoppers so that you can have a well oiled sales machine. This is what my team and I do all day, every day!

If you’ve struggled to make cold traffic work...If you’ve struggled with an under-optimized marketing funnel...or if you’re launching a new product, service or business, and you’ve struggled to build a profitable sales funnel to get that off the ground, we can help you.

We've consulted and worked with hundreds of companies over the past 18 years from start-ups to upper management at Ebay, so we have the experience to get you results quickly.

We've seen the results...

"Dave's been great to work with. He's very knowledgeable but is able to explain his ideas in a way we can understand them. We've seen the results of working with him for three months and will hopefully continue to see results in the months to come. His responsiveness and professionalism are great- he dove right in to get the work started. Would highly recommend!"

Sayaka Matsumoto  //  Operations Manager, Humintell

Our Services

Targeting & Segmenting

We convert cold traffic into leads and sales by figuring out where your ideal customers are hanging out and then creating PPC campaigns that position your business as the answer to the conversations going on in their head. Full set up and management of FB, IG, LinkedIn, and Google ads including creative and copy. We also create custom and look-a-like audiences to segment by interest area so we can constantly provide relevant offers. 

Funnels & Sequencing

Once we have your targets and segments laser focused, we create funnel processes and campaigns that seamlessly bring prospects and customers along a journey from awareness of your brand to engagement, lead generation, relationship changer, ascension and finally turn them into advocates of your business. If you don't have funnels for your specific segments and/or your sequencing is out of order, it's going to negatively affect your conversions.

Offers & Messaging

We work from your core offer(s) to splinter off tripwires and lead magnets that are designed to increase leads and change the relationship from prospect to customer. We then splinter off further on the back end to create profit maximizers that will increase lifetime customer value. When combined with clear benefit driven copy, this structure provides a logical next step funnel process that compels the prospect or customer to want more of what you have to offer since it's meeting their needs and providing tremendous value.

Return Paths & Scaling

Creating effective return paths such as automated email marketing drips and retargeting campaigns allow us to seamlessly move prospects and customers to the next step of your funnel or even to new funnels. Whether the goal is getting a cold prospect who just viewed a piece of ungated content to engage further or having a current customer buy more, we will continually convert traffic you've already paid for while increasing margins and buyer frequency by providing value and staying in front of them until they are ready to take action..

Struggling to Convert? Apply to Work With Us Today!

Check out some of our recent results...

Paid Traffic to a High Priced Course

Client Case Study #1

The challenge was selling a high priced course ($10,000) strictly online with no human sales touch. Sequencing of the funnel is critical because if you don’t build enough trust and credibility while at the same time overcoming all objections and hesitations along the process, you won’t be able to sell online. This is true of any product or service, but there is obviously way more to overcome for a $10,000 investment.

The solution was to drive people from a video ad that provided value in advance. This made the prospect aware of the company/brand. The next step was to offer a free webinar training that lasted 90 minutes. The hook was incredible on this lead magnet so we had a high conversion rate. The offer at the end of the webinar was a $60 course that dripped on them for 10 days.

At the end of the 10 day tripwire course, we gave them another 90 minute advanced training webinar where at the end, we pitched the $10,000 course. We didn’t allow them to buy the course right away, they had to apply and deposit $500. If they were not a fit, we refunded the $500. If they were accepted into the program, they had to pay the additional $9,500.

After testing on some smaller ad budgets and optimizing, we finally had a smooth initial process. The first month of full ad spend had these results:

  • 5,714 visits/clicks (CPC $7 on a $40,000 ad spend)
  • 2,215 leads (38.76% opt in rate)
  • 169 sales (7.6% of leads). 162 @ $60 and 7 @ $10,000 (4.14% of the tripwire bought the 10K course)
  • $79,822 Revenue
  • 99.56% ROI 

A couple things to point out. This does not reflect lifetime customer value, which actually increases as they buy more (live events, additional coaching, etc.). Also, knowing your numbers is critical. In some businesses, spending $236.69 per customer may not be feasible, but in this case they are worth $472.32 initially and even more over time.

Email Campaign to Re-Optin for a SaaS

Client Case Study #2

A SaaS based business wanted to breathe new life into a dead segment of their email list. After much testing to find out areas of interest, we created a new funnel and offer.

The goal was to get current subscribers to re-optin to the new offer and then go through the funnel process that we set up. Most continue banging their email list with the same offer (s) expecting them to suddenly take action.

Developing return paths like this are critical. They allow us to turn old leads who never bought into paying customers, while further segmenting current customers and getting them to buy more often which increases lifetime value. 

  •  501 re-optins on 969 clicks (51.7% conversion rate)
  • $20,849 total new revenue in 3 weeks
  • $41.61 revenue per re-optin

This also highlights the importance of tracking campaigns through to revenue. 99.5% of the revenue came from 2 specific email campaigns that only produced 57% of the re-optins (284). Meaning, 217 re-opt ins accounted for $101 in total revenue (.47 cents per  opt in) compared to the other 284, who accounted for $20,748 or $73.05 per opt in. 

Lift Conversions for a Membership Site

Client Case Study #3

This case study focuses on lifting conversions of a membership site from free trial through to paid subscriptions.

However, the key aspect was knowing the ideal customer avatar on a deep emotional level and matching the messaging, copy & content to their needs.

While doing our market research and surveying many of the customers that have been with the company for months, we learned that these are real enthusiasts for the service who have a need to feel important. They have a need to get information first before it’s available to the general public. That was the strong emotional pull.

With that in mind, we made significant changes to the landing page with the goal of getting a better conversion result on initial free trial opt ins. Then, we optimized the funnel further to increase free trials to paid subscriptions.

  • Initial opt in conversions to a free trial were 7.72% before we started optimization. Our first variation increased that to 9.13%, which was a 18.26% increase. In our 2nd round of testing, we increased conversions on step 1 from 9.13% to 12.70% which is a 39.09% lift. Total lift was 64.5% (from 7.72% to 12.70%)

  • Increased conversions on free trials to paid subs 25.33%
  • Increase revenue 106.25% in 25 days with $0 additional ad spend

Increase Leads for Courses & Coaching

Client Case Study #4

The problem was this company had current traffic that was bouncing off the site everyday WITHOUT taking any action.

We quickly determined that this was an offer problem. The lead magnet they were using to acquire opt-ins wasn't something their market particularly wanted.

However, as we dug into their core product offering, we came across an interactive test buried in the middle of it. We splintered this off and made it a lead magnet. This allowed us to capture opt-ins at an incredible rate. In fact, it took us only 3 months to match the amount of email subscribers on their list that previously took them 4 years to acquire.

More importantly, leading with content that got the prospect excited and seamlessly moved them through to the core offering in a more logical way increased sales and revenue on the back end.

Getting the right offer and funnel sequencing is crucial to optimizing.

  • 233.5% increase in subscribers (1,044 to 3,481 = 2,437 added)

  • We doubled their original list in 3 months and went over triple within 7 months
  • Increased last quarter revenues 78% over previous period

"Conversion Diagnostics was fantastic. Their approach went well beyond the pump and dump methods of the other vendors we evaluated and really dug into our target customers. Their recommendations for our landing pages started by first understanding deeply our value proposition and helped shift the VP to align with the opportunities and limits in driving our funnel by target and channel. Timely and patient with our newness to this space, Conversion Diagnostics filled in the gaps in our knowledge with professionalism and a goal of making us long term customers. They were a joy to work with. Sensitive to budget and time constraints, their suggestions and work product took into account our desire to start with small experiments rather than trying to boil the ocean. Truly a delight to work with."

Dr. John Feland, CEO Argus Insights

More Client Results...

Dave is hands down the best marketer, THE BEST. He knows what he is doing, and he is responsive and hard working. He is very smart, and very good to work with. HE IS GREAT, and I strongly recommend him.

Nathan Loftus

Pro Forex Trader

Dave has been extremely professional and knowledgeable from the beginning. He has taken the time to understand my business, asks a lot of good questions, and follows through on objectives.

Jay Webb

CEO, j.David Group

5 Stars Is Not Enough!!! Dave Arena is a professional and passionate Conversion Expert. He asks tough questions but as a true trusted adviser looking out for the best interests of his clients and most importantly he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get it done right the first time around. Excellent communication, valuable and strategic feedback. I highly recommend Dave as a Conversion Expert.

Tony Aveiro

SEO Master Team

Dave helped me get my site working to now having a tight 30 day email funnel with free content and offers of the product interspersed in the auto-responder sequence. They also helped with getting the message consistent across the whole funnel as well as coming up with some great new ways of making the content more enticing. 100% reliable and great advice too, a winning combination, l recommend highly.

John Green


Dave was great to work with and delivered what we needed. We had tried different marketing tactics both in-house and outsourced with very little results until Dave and his team came along.

Chris Buckelew

COO, Senior Real Estate Institute

This company provided wonderful service. They were always professional, provided timely updates, were flexible in meeting with us and provided good advice on overall marketing strategy.

Trading Wins


Dave has been instrumental in providing great copy for our site while bringing lots of experience from other membership sites. We will work with Dave again.

Thomas Mai

Joe Hachem Poker Academy

Dave was a pleasure to work with. He created a fool-proof strategy and plan for us to follow from start to finish. Looking forward to working with him again!

Marichiel Ewert


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